Rules for initiating a duel:
1. The system detects whether the challenger's 12 strongest units and 6 strongest heroes reach the minimum required strength. If the requirement is not met, they cannot initiate the duel.
2. You may not initiate a duel when all your heroes are injured or have zero Energy.
3. You may not initiate a duel while affected by a Surrender debuff
4. While in a foreign Kingdom, it costs Honor to initiate a duel against a member of that Kingdom. (Even if the player you are challenging flees).
Battle Rules
1. After the duel begins, the challenger must place troops on the battlefield that meet the minimum Power requirement. If they do not place troops that meet the requirement before time runs out, it counts as a defeat.
Duel Results
1. If you flee a duel: All heroes will lose energy, but they will not be injured, and the player will return to their capital.
2. Defeat: All Heroes will lose Energy and fall injured (the same amount of energy will be lost regardless of whether a hero fought in the battle or not). The defeated player will be sent back to their capital.
3. If you are defeated in a duel, you will be affected by a Surrender debuff. For 1 hour you will be unable to initiate duels, raid resource shipments, or siege cities. You can be attacked while under a Surrender debuff. You may spend Linari to remove the debuff immediately.